Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Outside of B.C. Place on the last day of filming for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Wow, 16 days of shooting done in the blink of a camera!

Looking east across False Creek in Vancouver, was the weather going to cooperate?

The work trucks parked across the street from Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks

and behind B.C. place, home of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team, and the B.C. Lions football team.
Filming today,including this burnt out car was on the grounds outside of the Edgewater Casino. It is also know as the Plaza of Nations, from Vancouver's world fair, Expo 86. It was a festive time in Vancouver town, I remember some of it well, lol !

Now look at this, the two stars of Electra woman and Dyna girl hand made this key chain for me as a gift for my chauffeuring them around. Very sweet, it's campy, but I love it.

Looking east again, weather looks good.

The evening sets in, the burnt out car looks very ominous
Omg!, one of the superheroes left his glove in my vehicle. How will "Chlorophil"? ever fight crime without it.

A little blurry, this was not a police incident, just a bad day for the criminals, Electra Woman and Dyna girl are kicking butt!

The next day we moved our "circus" to the P.N.E. , underneath the old wooden rollercoaster

I bet a lot of people do not know there is a pond in the middle of the PNE

One of the building on site, I liked the way the sun was shining on this window
Then, the switch. To the untrained eye, you would not know this is a new day on a different movie, called Interrogation, a WWE movie featuring..............

The Edge, Adam Copeland, one of the legends of the wrestling world. What a great guy, there was some young fans that showed up on set, and he was gracious enough to go and talk to them.

Day 2, (for me), I missed the first week of shooting down at Crab Park in Vancouver, close to Canada Place, the convention center and the rest of downtown

A little down time for the director, Stephen Reynolds, who hails from Britain. I was privileged enough to drive him around on another movie last year called Lockdown,

Look up, look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up. Is that the new Trump Tower?

Nice light for a pic of the Port of Vancouver

Stop Harper, seeing a lot of these around Vancouver

I happened to be outside the window of the set, watching make-up putting the final touches on one of the actors. Hey, wait a minute, this is Canada, isn't it?
Doesn't the public know who we are? Taking over another busy street downtown, this time Hastings between Burrard and Thurlow

City lines

Our circus was close to the cruise ship terminal at Canada Place. This was the earliest docking of a cruise ship, a good sign for the tourism industry in Vancouver

We hire the Vancouver police to lock up the streets for our filming

I like the buildings of downtown

Another look up, later in the week, we moved to another empty building on Annacis Island. For two days we were underneath these behemoth electrical towers. Cannot be good.

Surprisingly enough these were growing very well

Lunchtime with my Teamster peeps!

I had to go to the director's hotel to grab his lap-top, he does have a pretty decent city view

Another duty for transport. The production manager shows me a pic on his phone of what he wants, then it's up to me to hit a Future Shop and get it.

The "Interrogation room " Notice the track around the table, and the camera cart that moved around the actors in the scene
Very busy day, almost 300 KM, just driving aound from the set to the hotel for the actors, to the circus to the production office

Better seen with the naked eye, I just liked the way the sun was shining off of this building.

This robin was quite curious to see what I was up to

I am on what they call a "low budget production" (although 2 mill sounds like a lot to me). We used drones (little remote controlled helicopters) to shoot our overhead shots, but the bigger production, "Arrow" used the real deal to film their scenes.

random downtown, from a long way away I saw these people fussing with someone

Love to know what the heck is going on here, nahhhhhh, maybe I don't.

hangin in alleys, that's how I roll ! End of one film, one more week to go on another, then.?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 days, 5 locations

6 more days to go on the shooting of the Electra Woman/Dyna Girl web-series, and it has been a lot of fun. The executive producer of the original series from the 70's and this series, Marty Krofft gave the actors one of the original toys. Wow, I bet there was a lot of dust to be swept off of these.

Before the work week started, I had a chance to visit the Green Timbers Urban Forest  in Surrey.

I do not know Surrey that well, and did not realize gems like this park were even there.

Spring has sprung all over the Lower Mainland.
Look up, look wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up! Back to downtown Vancouver for the first of five locations we will be filming at this week.

and yes they were, my fellow Teamsters Tracey and Craig fueling up the generator that powers up all the trucks, and all the equipment needed for a shooting day.
Monday we managed to inconvenience a few of the downtown motorists by blocking off the entire block of Hastings between Thurlow and Burrard.

and a long day turned into night

I really enjoyed driving Andy Buckley around for the time he was here. He played the part of the manager for Electra Woman and Dyna girl. Very nice and very, very funny!
Tuesday found us at the Grand Villa casino in Burnaby.

Looks like a heist outside of the casino. It was, but it was a staged one for our show.

Inside the camera truck, they are downloading footage from the days filming. It is then sent to another location in town for processing.

Day 3, we were at the Vancouver Film Studios, in the parking lot between two stages. Our "circus" trucks (hair/make-up/actor's trailers/grip truck/wardrobe/assistant director's trailer) were actually used as a circus for a commercial filming that was one of the scenes in our web series. (did any of that make sense?)

Day 4 took us to a neighbourhood in North Burnaby. We had to set up the circus out on a street by a school. (spring break, school was out)

Another long day that kind of went like this pace.

The scenes were in and outside of this corner store, as well as driving shots out on the street. The t.v. show                      Once Upon a Time used the same location the day before.

Grace (Electra Woman) and Hannah (Dyna Girl) were gracious enough to get take pictures with a group of young fans that patiently waited most of the day.

It takes a lot of people to make a film happen. Day 5 took us to the Mount Pleasant area, 6th ave. and Yukon Street. All the filming today was out on the street.
earlier that day, at the "circus", which was about a 10 minute drive from set.

The circus by day

Heading from circus to the hotel to pick-up the cast, via Chinatown

The trouble (for me, anyways) with using my camera and my cellphone to take blog photos, is that I end up getting the sequence out of order. This pic goes back to day 2 at the Grand Villa casino. An illustration of the gear involved to make movie magic.

On the job, my duties include manning set and transport radios, cell phone communication, taking the film drive to the processors, and delivering all the important paper work to and from the office.

Wow, so much for chronological order. This is day 3, on the streets of North Burnaby.

Random shot facing west towards downtown

Random shot facing east towards "the heights" of Burnaby

This guy bugs me. He is a paparazzi that was on set every day this week taking pics of the actors. I see this creep everywhere, at the hotels, the airport, on sets, and even in Victoria when we were filming Gracepoint last year. I wonder who is giving him all the info of all the productions filming locations.

In my rearview, I can see Grace (aka: Electra Woman) doing her own stunts dodging cars in one of the scenes. No looking back now, pilot season is upon us, the busiest in Vancouver to date.