Thursday, September 14, 2017

Finally a change....

Week 2 of episode 104 of " the Good Doctor". (There are 9 days of filming scheduled for each episode.)

There is the good doctor, Shaun Murphy (Freddy Highmore) talking to fellow surgeon Dr. Claire Browne. (Antonia Thomas)
Not often enough, a chance to get out for dinner with my brother, the nieces and my own two. 

I always seem to choose the Jambalya rice bowl, so many flavours!

and then the forest fire smoke came back, on top of the heat. Looking out from our studio in Coquitlam, there is a mountain range somewhere behind those trees in the distance.

and likewise when I was downtown early in the week. The North Shore mountains and the cities of West and North Vancouver are nowhere to be seen.

It was a smokey view across Burrard Inlet earlier in the week......

.....then the change. It finally cooled off later in the week and cloud cover replaced the smoke.
We even got some much needed rain.
I love the contrast of the marina and the city.

Moving one of the cast vehicles, I became enthralled with the hologram speed indicator on his California car. In my case, another form of distracted driving.

I got sent on a special mission. I had to pick-up some things at the Bass Pro Shops at Tsawwassen Mills Outlet mall close to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen.

What can I say, this play was over the top, thought  I was in Vegas.

Seriously? The picture doesn't tell the story on how huge this tank was.

and this was when I seriously questioned what this store was all about...

your opinion?

Friday night and not much happening at the San Jose Saint Bonaventure hospital. (I cannot show, but this is a very impressive set. (the tubing is air conditioning that can be sent to the various sets)

It's almost a fraturday, I'm thinking I can sneak home soon, but my bosses had other ideas. This was the rig I was thrown into. (the trailer is for the electrics (lx) department) We had to move downtown for Monday. Oh well, sleep is over-rated.
on the web, lol, back to school

the poor children, haha they will get us back when we are in the old folk's home.


yup squared


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I must admit, I'm a little freaked. This dude knows how to pose, why are we humans so awkward????

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

the Good Doctor episode 104

Starting to find a rhythm as we start episode 104 of the Good Doctor. I really cannot show much or reveal anything, after all, it does not air until September 25th. The start of our week was on a Sunday. (the actor's had to come into the studio for  a publicity photo shoot. )
I was waiting to pick-up cast just off of Beatty Street, close to Gastown.

Ahhhh, the iconic Woodwards W.

I did not create this collage. I found it on the web, but it does illustrate the cast. (from the left top counterclockwise: Beau Garrett, Nicholas Gonzalez, Hill Harper, Chuku Modu, Antonia Thomas, Richard Schiff, and the star, Freddy Highmore.)

I guess they felt sorry that we had to work on a Sunday, and yes, they are forgiven.

I am not creeping on this guy, this is one of the sets our hard-working construction crew is working on. 

ok, we do manage a little down time once in awhile. and when time stands still, you and 10 other Teamsters notice a ladybug has decided to chill on your transport walkie. (15 minutes of our lives we will never get back)

Today, parking was impossible at the Sutton Hotel. I was forced onto the street to wait for my cast pick-up. I did get to see a different vantage point, looking down Burrard street.

When I went on set on this day, I spied on the monitor, Rebecca! (she landed a role as the mother in the lead's flashback scenes to when he was a child) I have not seen her in at least 2 years. Her and I worked on Rocky Mountaineer commercial, (as actors no less) We rode the train for 4 days from Vancouver to Jasper, Alberta and back. 

but alas, this is why I belong on the other side of the camera, lol.

On this day I got a chance to test out my old bus driving skills. Unfortunately it was not for one of the scenes, I just moved it from point A to point B, but it was just like riding a bike, did not take much time to get back in the groove.
Heading towards downtown on the Dunsmuir Viaduct. The continuing sunny weather has set a record for driest July and August in recorded history.

I was in a bit of a hurry to get back downtown for another cast pick-up. Traffic was very heavy today, so I decided to go to Broadway Ave., as it usually flows pretty good going west in the afternoon. Well that came to a screeching halt as this wide load blocked two of the three lanes and snarled traffic. Turns out this gigantic whatever it is was heading downtown as well, one of the vehicles? that are being used in the filming of Deadpool 2.

Another Fraturday night and I ain't got nobody.......
Day stretches into night at our film studio in Coquitlam. Actually, they let us off easy, I was home by 2 a.m.
Aye Caramba!

A little on the human-like side was what I first thought.

Now there's thinking outside of the box.

If mum, or me for that matter, understood , (so many questions), she, not me, would be so proud.

Oh man, the same cow, that's crazy talk.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Good Doctor episode 103

A calm start to the week on the 3rd episode of the Good Doctor, set to air on ABC on September 25th. 
I love my early morning director pic down by Coal Harbour, close to Stanley Park downtown Vancouver. 

It was early enough that I had to go to the only Starbuck's open in the area, across from Canada Place.

One of the different duties in my day was to go and take pictures of this old school bus for production to decide if it will fit a scene in one of the episodes. I'm pretty sure this beast is parked for good.

Jeez Louise! (I will not let on that I had a past in bus driving, because this one, I'm not driving!)

Omg, cannot say enough about Jon and the rest of the Rain City catering gang. My breakfast sandwich rocked, the avocado was the difference.

Here we go, the start of our 3rd Fraturday in a row. (Although it was a very scenic and quiet neighbourhood in the town of Port Coquitlam. )

Beautiful view of the North Shore mountains.

This was the beginning of our 3rd Fraturday in a row. What they call a process trailer, the actors will ride in the car as they drive around the city streets. The camera will capture the actors as well as the scenery as the trailer moves. 

My peeps, Ward, Dino (camera shy), Rocky, Ken, and Lance chilling out waiting for lunch.

and there is Lance (with hair, lol) as a stunt double for the bus driving actor.
Day 7 for Edwin on our show. We end up sharing pics for each other's blogs.
Then on the web.............

I understand this picture less than the flashlight news story above.

no thanks
right to the point

a proud moment?

This is a good pic from the recent total eclipse. The fact the grazing cow is oblivious to what's going on is udderly ridiculous!