Thursday, March 15, 2018

wrappin' and a preppin'...

The end of a long season on the Good Doctor, time to relax for a bit....

uhhh, that's not me...

The dismantling of the Good Doctor's St. Bonaventure hospital has begun. (even though there are still 2 episodes to air on t.v.)

the hospital snack bar, how did that food stay fresh all season?

well, it doesn't matter, it's all going into storage now
The Good Doctor himself, Freddie Highmore, had these thank-you cards specially made for the crew.

Thank-you Freddie, it was a pleasure to drive you!

Relaxing was short lived, time to prep for our next show, uhh or shows.....  This day I was back out to Vancouver International Airport, time to pick-up the director for the next series. Here we go again.
I was surprised to find, in my mailbox, a package Ritsue had sent from Japan over 2 months ago!
A belated birthday gift!

A toque! Thank-you, ha-ha!
from the web this week, wow that's close

you may have seen this shot in the news before, but I thought it was worth showing super dad again..

the human mind never ceases to amaze..

I never would of thought of this one...


dad joke

part of his punishment

old truckers never die, they just find new ways to truck

Sunday, March 4, 2018

......aaannnnddddddd that's a wrap!

We're done! 8 1/2 months filming 17 episodes of the Good Doctor, and in all came down to Thursday. 
The very good news from show runner David Shore on our last day of filming was yes, there will be a season 2, and yes it will be shot in Vancouver. (the rumor had it going to Los Angeles, so it was a nice surprise to hear it will stay)
The last episode base camp was back down at the parking lot across from Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks.

Went for a little stroll, and found myself wedged between Rogers Arena and B.C. Place stadium.

our last day of filming at Vancouver Community College for the season

Time to haul the ambulances away and store them until next season.

Standing by base camp and the actor's trailers, waiting to take Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) and Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) to set.

Snagged a good shot of the sky-train zooming overhead.

We had one scene tonight at a restaurant on Mainland in Yaletown.

I live in Burnaby, very close to Deer Lake Park. I had no idea that there was a carousel ride there.

or this old train station...

....or this creek, which is so close to the heavy traffic on Canada Way.
We were in the park to film two scenes for the final episdode.
There is a turn of the century village there as well.

Day one in the village.....

day, or night 2, a very noticeable snowy difference. 

lots of cool little displays to look at.. this old gas station.

One of our shuttle drivers brought these old time "brick" cell phones. (alas, I am old enough to remember these brutes)

The view from my place last Friday. The old saying "red sky in the morning, sailors take warning" proved itself today.

I took advantage of the caterer's juicer on this morning.

We went back to Deer Lake Park. I had a chance to walk around the Shadbolt Center for the Arts. 
Outside was becoming a winter wonderland.

Nice little winter scene down in the village.

On our final Friday, our crew call was 0800, a far cry from some of our late start "fraturdays" that we endured over the course of the season.

Now if only the weather would cooperate. 

our base camp in Burnaby tells the tale

Even our transport captain Jimmy pitched in to help shovel. (So did I, until the novelty wore off.)

That's a wrap on our Kingsland stage in Burnaby.

Driving home from downtown Vancouver was a little icy. I was glad there was not much traffic that night. Everyone knew this storm was coming and most people just stayed of the roads.

I came home to my own little winter wonderland.

We had our wrap party last week-end. (note to self, look closely at the bottle before the bartender pours you a double scotch and calmly asks for $31 !)
A couple of days left on the Good Doctor, but I was called away to scout locations on a new series we will be working on, Valley of the Boom. (Here I sit at the Bridge studios in Burnaby, rumor has it the Good Doctor will film here next season.)

Our first stop was the old Pacific Coliseum on the P.N.E. grounds in Vancouver.((I saw a lot of hockey games and concerts back in the day.)(including Kiss and Queen!))

next stop, North Shore Studios in North Vancouver. I have worked on many shows here over the years.

I waited on Burrard Street by Robson as they went and looked at some office buildings.

They went to look at a couple of bars on Granville Street. The only parking I could find was in the alley.

Looking wayyyyyyyyy up.

The last supper.(actually lunch). Rain City Caterers went all out for the final meal of the season. 

after lunch, a photographer (at the top of the stairs) took a picture of the cast and crew of the Good Doctor. 

I came across this piece of paper in the transport office, and it gave me a chance to try a new word. The exordium of my next show will be very soon, haha.

ahhh, the duties of the T.A.D. (training assistant director). Jasmin has the lofty job of getting all of the set radios and accessories back from the crew. 

I was lucky enough to be on set when we wrapped for the season. The show runner, David Shore, gave a great speech thanking all of the crew for their hard work. He also thanked the cast (in the foreground) for their amazing season as well.

The next day was a wrap day. (clean up the mess, haha). The operating room was already being dismantled. 

On a special mission, I had to take one of the cast and some producer's up to Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver to scout for the actor's own project.

covered a lot of ground on Friday....
Jimmy and fellow cast driving peep Michelle enjoying their last lunch on set.

Ritsue sent me this link to a website in Japan advertising the Good Doctor, which starts airing in April over there.
Scenes from the latest episode to air. Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) at the annual Bonaventure Hospital gala.

A tender moment at the gala between Dr. Browne (Antonia Thomas) and Dr. Kalu. (Chuku Modo)

Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) talking on set with the director, an actor in her own right, Regina King.

Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) toasts Dr. Melendez.(Nicholas Gonzalez)

and there's the star, Dr. Shaun Murphy, (Freddie Highmore) with the hospital's newest surgeon, Dr. Park. (Will Jun Lee)
Had those before.

worth enlarging

A reminder of youth. I had a barrel of monkeys game and so did most of my peers.

crazy, makes me think of my brother-in-law, haha (he knows what I am talking about)

could of been worse....



now that's a new angle

I drove a bus, I recognize those seats!

haha, good one!

the throne room