Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hunker down...

Hunker down, could mean get ready for winter, cuz this was the first snowfall on the season on the North Shore mountains. (another shot from Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver)  Or it could mean that we are settling in for another 11 episodes of our ABC successful new drama series, "The Good Doctor."
Before starting my work week on episode 107 of the Good Doctor, junior and I had a chance to see a stunning view of the lower mainland from the top of Dog Mountain, one of the many hiking trails at Mount Seymour provincial park in North Vancouver. (in the distance you can see Mount Baker)

"Hey junior, wait for me!". It was about an hour to the top, with, as you can see, there  were many challenging sections.

Much to see on the way to the top.

It was a hazy day, but the view of Vancouver and Burrard Inlet was still breath-

One of many Stellar's Jays on top of the mountain looking for a hand out. 
Okay junior, that's close enough...

It was a good day

put it in the memory bank, time to head down the mountain

if you get a chance, it's worth it

Well, it wasn't home cooking, but a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving with the kids is something to be thank-ful for, even if it was at an Earl's restaurant.
Another sign of the changing seasons. This shot at Coal Harbour at around 6 a.m. would of been a bright, bright sunrise pic less than two months ago.

on my second trip downtown to pick-up cast, the day was getting a whole lot brighter.

but alas, as the week went on, the typical fall weather was rearing it's ugly head, it was a day of rain at the Good Doctor studio.

hmnnnn, seems to be quite an emergency at the Saint Bonaventure Hospital....

an asap trip to Panavision for the camera department, not just a mid zoom lens, but a wide zoom as well? (I actually do not know much a bout my cargo..)

Meanwhile, back in Hiroshima, Ritsue sent a pic of a spider outside of her house that I am glad does not hang around my neck of the woods.

She also sent a pic of her late night trip to the bathroom surprise. (If I was half asleep, I probably would not of handled it well)

That is awesome!

I get it.

How great would this be, especially if you were the only one that knew about it.

When your in the right place at the right time.

I'm convinced, bottoms up!

c'mon, really?

Randolph needs a new career, maybe something like paper-clip quality control.

Omg, I'm so surprised by this news. 

My opinion, is it about the tattoo, or the attention seeking owner?

could of invested that humongous waste of do-re-mi.

I respect people on a mission..........

whatever gets you out of the house
and the week ends with Dr. Shaun Murphy, and Doctor Claire Browne waiting for a police escort on episode 103 of the Good Doctor. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

holiday road.....

Teamster peep Ward was already to go for the Thanksgiving day holiday week-end, only 5 more days to go! Holiday road!
(actually he had to move this picture vehicle to the underground after I had just brought it up. It never was used in today's filming, thank god!, it was embarrassing to drive.
Glorious weather today down at Coal Harbour. An early arrival means enough time for a stroll while waiting for a cast pick-up.

The days are shorter now as we head into fall, and what was once a day-light pick-up has turned into a pre-dawn pic at the Sutton Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

back at the old Canada Post building downtown. All quiet down here, for now....

and unbeknownst to me, they were actually going to shoot a scene in my quiet parking oasis. There goes the neighbourhood.
up on the roof, the camera hangs ominously over the building
to get a shot of the street below..(those are picture vehicles for the show)

very crowded up here, I didn't stick around long

but long enough to take a couple of pics, this one looking northeast toward the north shore mountains.

and looking down to Cambie Steet, I see Ward helping the catering people with their parking decisions.

and here come my captain Serena with the all important washroom trailer.

southeast towards B.C. Place.
Back at our base camp, across the street, at Roger's Arena, a statue of Roger Neilson. It is his and the Vancouver Canuck fan's legacy that is mostly responsible for the towel waving you see in professional sports today. 

in the parking lot , an ambulance picture car (from another production) already to run the gauntlet, real bad ass.

It's getting to be a challenge, back at Coal Harbour later in the week trying to find a new angle for a pic.

back at the studio, one of my new cast driver peeps, Tim, played the shy card as  I was trying to take his pic. I think it actually turned out better.

Oh boy, I was parked at the studio, and this little fella was getting a little too close for my liking.

Lots of early starts this week. The view from my balcony one morning.

Same view 2 days later, with Mount Baker in the background.
The what the heck bonus picture, not sure what was captured here.

So when I got home one night this week, I was looking at a story online about a criminal that held up a liquor store, and then the same story appeared on the t.v. news channel I was tuned into. Random.

Okay, so I know this is not a third world problem, but honestly, I was really looking forward to this piece of pie from our fabulous caterers. Clumsy me.

The behind the scenes gang. Behind the set, many of the crew hang-out, and watch the monitors of the filming. They include the hair, make-up department, wardrobe department, production assistants, and smatterings of a.d's  possibly some cast, set decorating department, construction department, you get the picture. (and very rarely, transport, lol)

So I threw in 20 dollars for the production hockey pool, and so far, yes, Team Batman (it's a long story but it's me) is in 1st place! (only 7 months to go, let's see if I stay on top.)
I see craft time has been productive for this person

A ridiculous as it is, gold star for ingenuity.  


Does that mean I'm old? When did that happen????

This is amazing, scary, and downright insane. (even though they are harnessed on the Wiltshire Grand in Los Angeles)

not very funny

future Pulitzer prize winner

I knew it!

uhhh, good luck?

I guess if you want to liquidate your assets ........

must be an alcohol and drug free home

pet lover of the year

awwwww rats, end of the blog..... cheers!